Wavecrest Computing — Internet Filtering and Reporting Products

Why Wavecrest?

Five Good Reasons

  1. Industry Leader – Stability, Experience, Knowledge
    • In business since 1996 – steady growth and success
    • Prestigious clients – Dept of Homeland Security, IBM, Burlington Northern Santa Fe and more
    • Global presence – Over 3,500 customers spanning six continents
  2. The Right Focus – Concentrating on User Behavior
    • Emphasis on human Internet activity – while ensuring network security  
    • Customizable reporting and filtering that support your usage policy
    • Reports that accurately depict users’ Internet activity patterns
  3. Best-of-Breed Products – Monitoring, Filtering and Reporting Solutions
    • Five solutions – to fit all types and sizes of organizations
    • Easy to use, easy to administer – tools for management and IT
    • Comprehensive reports plus customizable, cost-effective three-layer blocking
  4. Robust Support –Comprehensive, Continuous Services
    • Ongoing, no-charge, U.S.-based support – from evaluation to end of license subscription
    • Continuous program to categorize the maximum number of local-interest Web sites
    • Daily URL list updates, regular product upgrades, and more
  5. Best Value – We Outperform Competitors in Key Areas.
    • More accurate, actionable reports – ready for immediate use
    • IT-friendly design – easily integrated and highly scalable
    • Better overall value: quality products and services plus highly affordable pricing
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©Copyright 1996-2014 Wavecrest Computing. All rights reserved. 321-953-5351, info@wavecrest.net, www.wavecrest.net