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Advanced Web Security

CyBlock provides advanced Web security and flexible deployment options.


Advanced Employee Web Filtering

CyBlock controls employee Web use by managing access. Use customized techniques to selectively restrict online activity.

  • Filtering by user or group applies policy exceptions to different users and groups.
  • URL List allows filtering by 70+ standard and unlimited custom categories.
  • Filtering by time frame implements flexible filtering by day, hour, or half hour.
  • White list/black list creates exceptions per filtering policy.
Threat Protection

CyBlock blocks traffic to sites that generate and/or promote malware.

  • Keep out viruses, Trojan horses, phishing attacks, and more.
  • Identify and stay ahead of a growing number of malware sites.
  • Prevent crashes, slowdowns, and information theft.
Control Bandwidth and Mission-Critical Data Usage

CyBlock's Dynamic Bandwidth Control (DBC) technology controls bandwidth usage by restricting low-priority traffic.

  • Policy functionality configures bandwidth limits by applying defined thresholds.
  • Thresholds trigger alerts and limit bandwidth.
  • Cap limits restrict bandwidth to noncritical users or Web categories.
  • Alerts send e-mail notifications when thresholds are exceeded.
SSL Traffic Inspection and Control

CyBlock can decrypt and inspect SSL Web traffic.

  • Identify malware threats hidden in secure traffic.
  • Inspect or "tunnel" HTTPS traffic by Web site, category, or user ID.
  • Enforce usage policy on both unsecured and secure traffic.
  • Identify and block “hidden” anonymizer proxies that use HTTPS.
Comprehensive Employee Reporting

CyBlock provides a variety of detailed and summary-level Web-use reports.

  • Get pre-analyzed, manager-ready results by site, user, and group.
  • See users’ Web activity in 70+ standard content categories.
  • Create custom categories for specialized or unique reporting.
  • Get automatic abuse detection per your own policy settings.
  • Schedule and distribute reports multiple ways.
  • View Dashboard charts and graphs to quickly see trends.
Easy Administration

CyBlock can be easily installed, set up, and administered.

  • Infrastructure compatibility with many deployment options.
  • Focused design provides streamlined, single-purpose solution.
  • Directory support includes Microsoft AD.
  • Administration aids include easy-to-use admin tools and reports.
  • Bandwidth management features preclude network slowdowns.
  • Scheduling capability for filtering and reporting.
  • Responsive, free vendor technical support with skilled help if needed.
Affordable Cost

CyBlock is affordable for all types and sizes of organizations.

  • Free trial period.
  • 90-day money back guarantee.
  • High ROI based on productivity and bandwidth savings.
  • Reasonable subscription pricing.
  • No-charge technical support.
  • Costs recovered via operational savings.
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"CyBlock has helped my company improve productivity from our personnel by 60% since we implemented it's use within our network. This has been an invaluable tool that I'd recommend to anyone in need of filtering and blocking technology!

Thank you Wavecrest!"

-Chris Warren The Five Star Institute
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