Advanced Forensic Log File Analyzer

Comprehensive. Actionable. Accurate. Helps you find relevant evidence faster dramatically reducing the time to analyze terabytes of log data.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive Internet investigation tool.
  • Court-cited investigation platform.
  • Categorized audit detail reports by user ID or IP.
  • Works with all major firewall and gateway devices.
  • Per investigation licensing model.
User Audit Report

User Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

User Audit Report

User Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

Search Terms Audit Report

Detailed and Comprehensive Employee Reporting

  • Find clear, uncluttered detail based on user clicks vs. unsolicited traffic.
  • View all user searches and unacceptable visits.
  • Schedule reports for automatic delivery via e-mail.
  • Report formats include HTML, PDF, and CSV.

Actionable, Relevant Evidence Faster

  • Relies on secure gateways for evidence.
  • Court-cited investigation platform.
  • Proven 20+ years' investigation history.
  • Trusted by large government and commercial organizations such as:
    • DOJ, Homeland Security, USPS OIG, and National Grid.
Reliable Forensic Audits

Reliable Forensic Audits

Why Us

  • Industry Leader Since 1996 – Stability, Experience, and Knowledge.
  • The Right Focus – Concentrating on The Human Factor.
  • Best-of-Breed Products – Visibility, Compliance, Security, and Productivity.
  • Exceptional Support – Dedicated, Effective, and Responsive Support.
  • Best Value in Key Areas – Functionality, Price, Support, and Customer Service.
Why Us

System Requirements

  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Support Operating Systems:
    • Windows: Windows Server 2016/2012/2008/2003
    • Linux: Red Hat, Fedora, CentOS, and Ubuntu
      Note: Contact Wavecrest Technical Support for additional Linux support
    • Chrome OS 57

Technical Advantages

  • Built-in Syslog Server. Directly connect syslog-enabled devices.
  • Active Directory Support. Synchronize CyBlock with AD.
  • Virtual Machine (VM) Support. Work in a VM environment.
  • Array Configuration. Manage multi-location configurations from one server.
  • Multi-Copy Support. Deploy multiple installations under 1 license.
  • Support. Access our knowledgeable support staff and services for free.

Most Popular Supported Devices

Palo Alto Networks
Check Point
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