Monitoring Actual Employee Web Browsing

The Wavecrest Difference

Identify Human Action

Identify Human Action

  • See actual Web browsing activity.
  • All background clutter is removed.
  • Determine user time online.
  • Easily manage human factor.

Comprehensive Employee Reporting

Comprehensive Employee Reporting

  • Real Web browsing activity reports.
  • Deeper Level of User Activity Analysis.
  • Dramatically reduce time to analyze.
  • Customizable, interactive reports.
  • Accurately identify user clicks.

Manager Access

Manager Access

  • Simple manager-ready reporting.
  • Deliver reports directly to managers.
  • Provide secure limited-access portal.
  • Easily collaborate and share reports.

Policy and Compliance Management

Policy and Compliance Management

  • Ensure the human factor is managed.
  • Enforce Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Verify compliance to CIPA & HIPAA.
  • Continuous improvement process.

Smart Engine with Machine-Learning Analytics

  • Makes technical data easy to consume and manager-ready.
  • Analyzes large volumes of data over long periods of time.
  • Provides rapid and superior data insights.
  • Tags associate related domains with friendly names.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Machine-Learning Analytics

Machine-Learning Analytics

Recognizable Name, not Ambiguous Domain Name.

Recognizable Name, not Ambiguous Domain Name.

  • Exclusive product feature that rolls up unclear domain activity into a friendly name.
  • Today’s complex Websites utilize many different domains just to load a single page.
  • Firewall top domain reports for these types of sites do not provide the full picture.
  • Managers want time online by Website name, not by ambiguous Domain Name.

Managing Productivity & Time Online

  • Application and Website reports with rollup of time spent.
  • Monitoring productivity and usage of company web services.
  • Easily see how much time users are spending online.
  • See time online by friendly Website name, not by ambiguous Domain Name.
  • Accurately identify actual user clicks, providing managers with clear, useful data.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Managing Productivity and Time Online

Productivity & Time Online

Sample Reports


Top Categories Trend by Visits

Heatmap - Web Visits by Hour

Trend - User Compare Visit Activity

Trend - Department by Bytes

Pie Chart - Top App/Site by Time

Pie Chart - Top Groups by Bytes

Top Chart - App/Site by Time Online

Top Chart - App/Site by Visits

Top Chart - User by Category Visits

Top Chart - Category by Groups Bytes

Top Table - App/Site by Time

Top Table - Category by Time

Top Table - User by Time

Top Table - Domain by Time

Table - User Audit Detail

Table - App/Site Audit Detail

Table - Audit - Search Terms

Table - Audit - Facebook by User Name

Table - Audit - Referer Link by Domain

Table - Audit - Bytes by Groups

Top VPN User Report

VPN User Audit Detail Report

View More
View Less

Dashboard Charts

  • Dashboard Home - Get a quick overview of your entire organization.
  • Top Users - Quickly discover which users had the most activity.
  • Top Time Online - Easily see how much time users are spending online.
  • Top Categories - Quickly find out which categories had the most activity.
  • Top Sites - Learn which sites had the most activity.
  • Top Bandwidth - Find out which users & sites are hogging bandwidth.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Dashboard


Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Top Categories Trend

Top Categories Trend

Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring User Audit Report

User Audit Report

Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Category Audit Report

Category Audit Report

Detailed and Comprehensive Audit Reporting

  • Show activity by entire organization, groups, users, and categories.
  • Get accurate, actionable, manager-ready detailed reports.
  • Easily view the data from several angles and different perspectives.
  • Dramatically reduce the time to analyze your organization's Web use.
  • Comply with government and industry regulations such as CIPA and HIPAA.

Deeper Level of User Activity Analysis

  • Complete view of every link a user clicks.
  • See the exact search terms entered by users and their search time.
  • Determine how much time a user spends online.
  • Run an individual user report that details only Legal Liabilities Web use.
  • View Web content most frequently visited by a user.
  • Segment user activity by category acceptability classification.
Drill-down Reporting

Drill-Down Reporting

Search Terms Audit Report

User Search Terms Audit Report

Create Reports Exactly How Management Wants Them

Managers Only See Actual User Web Browsing

  • Create custom reports that provide management with exactly what they need.
  • Accurately identify actual user clicks, providing managers with clear, useful data.
  • Reduce the volume of information by showing managers only relevant data.
  • True team collaboration is now possible with pertinent reports for all stakeholders.

Real-Time Employee Web-Use Monitoring

  • View Web activity in real time by user ID, URL, and its category.
  • View only specific users, groups, or categories.
  • Identifies bandwidth hogs in real time and provides trending.
  • Sends e-mail notification when bandwidth threshold is exceeded.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Real-Time Employee Web-use Monitor

Real-Time Employee Web-use Monitor

Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Real-Time Employee Bandwidth Monitor

Real-Time Employee Bandwidth Monitor

Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Restricted Manager Access

Manager Access

Manager Access

  • Scheduling and Distributing Reports:
    • Send easy-to-read reports directly to managers.
    • Reports are restricted to only the manager's defined group(s).
    • Easily distribute reports manually or schedule for automatic distribution.
    • Interactive capability allows managers to drill down without IT assistance.
  • Secure Manager Self-Service Portal:
    • Reporting-only access portal for managers and HR.
    • Managers create reports on authorized groups without assistance from IT.
    • IT assigns and maintains manager portal access privileges.
    • Easy-to-read, manager-friendly, actionable dashboard.

Employee Web-Use Behavioral Analytics

  • Expose abnormalities in user activity.
  • Identify potential insider threat behavior.
  • Flag possible legal liability issues.
  • Assess trends for data breach exposure.
  • Observe patterns for lost productivity.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Manage Employee Cloud Usage

Monitor Cloud Services

Monitor Cloud Services

  • Discover all cloud applications being accessed in your organization.
  • Expose both corporate-sanctioned and employee-introduced cloud services.
  • Identify risk and analyze usage of your network resources.
  • Meet security and compliance requirements while safely adopting cloud services.

Network Segments

  • Assign IP address blocks based on remote VPN users and guest WiFi.
  • Easily define a unique segment definition by hostname, IP range or subnet.
  • Report on specific segments through dashboard charts or actual reports.
  • Create a specific low-level filter or run a report with a global-level segment filter.
Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Network Segments

Network Segments

Cyfin CyBlock Monitoring Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory Integration

  • Seamless AD integration.
  • Securely integrate AD Departments, Companies and Security Groups.
  • Easily provide admin or manager access via AD integration.
  • Limit manager access based their configured AD groups or departments.

Additional Wavecrest Differences

Smart Engine Analytics

Smart Engine Analytics

  • Utilizes machine-learning algorithms.
  • Technical data easier to consume.
  • Provides actual Web browsing activity.
  • Accurate time online calculation.



  • Both human action & technical issue.
  • Involves all aspects of business.
  • Right Information to the right people.
  • Make informed, collaborative decisions.

Deeper Forensic-Level User Audits

Deeper Forensic-Level User Audits

  • Complete view of every link clicked.
  • See the exact search terms entered.
  • Easily segment user activity.
  • Reduce the time to analyze big data.



  • Easy to scale system.
  • Most scalable analyzer.
  • Distributed architecture.
  • NoSQL distributed database

Find the Right Monitoring Solution


Cyfin - Monitoring Firewall Log Analyzer

  • Maintain visibility with Web-use reporting.
  • Supports multiple log file configurations.
  • Built-in Syslog Server, no third-party tool needed.
  • Supports all major log file formats:
    • Palo Alto Networks
    • Cisco Firepower
    • FortiGate
    • Check Point
    • SonicWall
    • And many more

CyBlock - Web Filtering and Monitoring Gateway

  • Capture all employee Web traffic.
  • Actionable manager-ready detailed reports.
  • Real-time HTTPS decryption & inspection.
  • Policy and Compliance Management.
  • Five Easy Deployment Options:
    • Windows - Install on any Windows Server.
    • VMware - Easy-to-deploy virtual appliance.
    • Appliance Rack & Mini - Simple on-site turnkey hardware.
    • Cloud Service - Quick setup and low admin costs.
    • Hybrid - Benefits of a local install and Cloud.

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  • Best-of-Breed Products – Visibility, Compliance, Security, and Productivity.
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